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 By Karen Natalia Cruz

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It’s interesting look in the scriptures how one of the longest books (referring to Psalm) is compose essentially by songs and hymns dedicated to God from various authors, mostly, David. When reviewing them, we can find variety of topics like praise, forgiveness, gratitude, trust, repentance and reverence to the Lord, around of difficult or encouraging situations, but all with the aim to recognize the power of God and his action in each situation.

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These mens didn’t have doubts to use their voice, language and musical instruments with the purpose to give him praises, to compose music and influence others to create the same. If this happen in adult life ¿What would happen in a child life?


In the neuroscience field, investigations remake the multiples benefits of music in humans, and even more when they’re done in a shared way. For instance, in health area, they take advantage of music because it delays cerebral aging. In the case of patients with Alzheimer that had a musical formation in the past, their musical memory becomes so good like in healthy old mans, making bearable their process. Besides, significant results have been identified in people with disorders of movement, speech difficulty, neurological disorders and in children with special abilities, among others


In addition, music can be a useful tool to learn biblical trusts and that are easy to remember. Have you seen how children learn easily song lyrics in a Semilla’s Camp or move their body to the beat of music?. When you enjoy music the body releases dopamine, an important neurotransmitter in motivation when we are in a learning or memory process. As you can see, our body has been designed in such a way we can praise with all we have, even you can see in children and teenagers (or in yourself) how the attitude improves while you listen music and enjoy that, or when you must do an activity.

All these process have an emotional ingredient that, if it’s not controlled and handled positively, “praise” would be superficial and empty. However, God has given us the emotions and these also must glorify him. As David says “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!” (Psalm 103:1). You as a teacher, father, adviser, etc. can teach to children to be aware of what they hear. 


“Amor en Acción” event 2017


By the end of September, Semilla de Trigo wanted to have a different activity that puts the Love in Action of many people, and what better opportunity than to go to music as a way to know how God works in the lives of many people and praise him for his mercy. 


This year, the Lord gave us the opportunity to make a concert with a Colombian singer Santiago Benavides. His song are based on teachings or facts that bible makes mention, in himown experiences with God or anecdotes that his friends have told him about what God has gone in their lives. In the same way we have the collaboration of banda En Sus Manos music who opened the evening with a very special praise time. 


We give thanks to God for the life of Santiago, for being a useful tool and putting his gifts and talent in music to bring the gospel to others in a simple way. Also for each person that made part of this event in diffusion, preparation, logistic. To the attenders for their disposition, for singing and having fun, and for contributing in projects that Semilla de Trigo have planned for the future.


Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

Psalm 150:6 (ESV)




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